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18/06/2012 - 04.15
Soon To Be A400 Xtreme Owner!

I just thought i would share that i am a soon to be new owner of the great A400 xtreme! I was not even in the market for a new duck gun but WOW. This is the most impressive waterfowl gun i have ever seen or felt! Beretta really did it this time!! I will submit a review on it once i get it. THANKS BERETTA! 

DISCUSSION REPLIES: Soon To Be A400 Xtreme Owner!

18/04/2013 - 16.26
Re: Soon To Be A400 Xtreme Owner!

I just got the same gun, am a left hand shooter. I had the store where I bought mine make the adjustment. I know from my other Berettas, it is easy. I thought it was explained in the manual. I also shimmed and pout the plate in for left hand shooter. The manual says you need a T15 torque screwdriver, but really mine was a T10. This gun is amazing, replacing my Benelli LH SBE that I shot poorly for 12 years. I cannot wait til hunting season, my clay scores have gone up dramatically and this is a joy to shoot, with absolutely no cycling problems on light target loads. I have patterned duck and goose loads, and have done point of imapct patterning as well. This gun is dead on for me, something I could never get the Benelli to do. What a true joy. Cleaning is simple as well. So nice to have a gun shoot where you are looking and a gun that fits.

20/06/2012 - 03.22
Re: Soon To Be A400 Xtreme Owner!

Just bought a A40 Xtreme optifade 28"! Can't wait to try it out. Anyone know how to switch the safety to left handed. I haven't been able to find it online.

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